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First Aid provides first responders with training in basic procedures, including OSHA-recommended skills and knowledge. 

• First Aid Basics

• Medical Emergencies
• Injury Emergencies
• Environmental Emergencies


CPR AED is an interactive course that teaches the lifesaving skill of CPR and AED administration.  This class is not intended for Professional Healthcare Providers 

• Infant, Child and Adult CPR
• Automated External Defibrillator (AED) 
• Masks and Barrier Devices

Emergency Response Training Inc.

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CPR and First Aid


CPR and First Aid courses are suited for

Teachers, childcare providers, camp counselors, parents, and all members of the community

BLS is a CPR course suited for Healthcare Professionals such as

RN, LVN, Dental Assistant, Phlebotomy, EMT & Paramedics)


BLS is a Professional CPR Course for Healthcare Providers. BLS provides the skills to keep people alive until they can be treated with more advanced lifesaving measures. 

• Prompt Recognition of Emergencies
• High-Quality Chest Compressions
• Effective Ventilation Techniques 
• Proper AED Administration

Emergency Response Training Inc.