First Aid provides first responders with training in basic procedures, including OSHA-recommended skills and knowledge. 

• First Aid Basics

• Medical Emergencies
• Injury Emergencies
• Environmental Emergencies

CPR and First Aid


CPR and First Aid courses are suited for

Teachers, childcare providers, camp counselors, parents, and all members of the community

BLS is a CPR course suited for Healthcare Professionals such as

RN, LVN, Dental Assistant, Phlebotomy, EMT & Paramedics)

Emergency Response Training Inc.

Defib This


CPR AED is an interactive course that teaches the lifesaving skill of CPR and AED administration.  This class is not intended for Professional Healthcare Providers 

• Infant, Child and Adult CPR
• Automated External Defibrillator (AED) 
• Masks and Barrier Devices

Emergency Response Training Inc.

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BLS is a Professional CPR Course for Healthcare Providers. BLS provides the skills to keep people alive until they can be treated with more advanced lifesaving measures. 

• Prompt Recognition of Emergencies
• High-Quality Chest Compressions
• Effective Ventilation Techniques 
• Proper AED Administration