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BLS Provider

Would you like to take the BLS written test from home? 

Take the BLS written test equivalent from home by using the web-based self-paced Heartcode® BLS Part 1.

HeartCode® BLS Part 1  =  The Written BLS Test

HeartCode® BLS Part 1 is a self-paced instructional program that uses eSimulation technology to allows you to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings. 

Once you have completed
HeartCode® Basic Life Support Part 1, print out your certificate of completion and bring it with you to your Defib BLS class. During the BLS class you will practice and then be tested with the skills you have learned. 

But here is the good part… Once you have passed your skills testing, when all the other students are getting are taking the BLS written test, you get to leave early!  Go and enjoy the rest of the day with your shiny new BLS card in hand!


Please Note: ALL students are required to bring the 2015 BLS Manual with them to class.

BLS Provider and Renewal 
The BLS Course trains participants to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilations and provide early use of an AED.

In the Instructor-led course, students participate in simulated clinical scenarios and learning stations. Students work with an AHA BLS Instructor to complete BLS skills practice and skills testing. Students also complete a written exam. (No written exam required for students who have taken the BLS Heartcode Part 1)

Call now to register: 831.426.9111

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“How long is the class?”  3 1/2 to 4 hours depending on class size.  

“Do I really need to have a book?”  
Yes. You REALLY need to have a book. It is a requirement of the AHA.

“Isn’t BLS included in ACLS?” No, it is a separate course that covers infant and child CPR/AED and choking. Pediatrics is not covered in ACLS.