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 International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)

The ITLS Provider course is hands-on and intensive. The primary purpose of the course is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and experience necessary to get the trauma patient from scene to surgery in the best possible condition. We focus on the skills necessary to recognize mechanisms of injury; perform an organized, time-efficient assessment; prioritize and perform critical interventions; and appropriately package and transport the trauma patient.

A major focus of the course is the identification of conditions that require immediate transport in order to save the patient. Lifesaving techniques are taught or reviewed in practical exercises.


ITLS Provider includes 8 hours of classroom instruction, 8 hours of hands-on skills training, and testing for ITLS Basic or Advanced certification. Innovative skills stations let you practice the abilities appropriate for your level of certification.

With its comprehensive approach to core knowledge and skills, ITLS Provider is appropriate for all levels of EMS personnel—from EMT-Bs and first responders to advanced EMTs, paramedics, trauma nurses, and physicians.

Book Requirements

The course manual is the 8th edition ITLS for Emergency Care Providers text.  

Digital editions available:

VitalSource eTextbook Subscription
Kindle edition

Course length: 

16 hours

Scene Size-up
Trauma Assessment and Management
Airway Management
Thoracic Trauma
Head Trauma
Spinal Trauma
Abdominal Trauma
Extremity Trauma
Pediatric Trauma
Geriatric Trauma
Trauma in Pregnancy
The Impaired Patient
Trauma Arrest
Standard Precautions

Skills Stations:
Assessment skills
Airway skills
Thoracic trauma skills
Vascular access skills
Spine management skills
Extremity trauma skills

Written Exam
Practical ExamType.